Axis of Greed in MLB.

By William Baxter.
      What has Steroids Use in Major League Sports, The Major League Baseball Strike of 1994, The Black Sox Scandal of 1919, The Anaheim Angels name change to Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (along with other franchises which market to cities they don’t play in), players and their agents wanting eight and nine digit salaries during America’s worse economic crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930’s, all have in common? It comes down to one word which The Bible doesn’t speak to highly of: GREED. This has taking over America’s Greatest Past Times more and more with each passing year.  The “Axis of Greed” in Major Professional Sports (not just Baseball) are:

1) BUD SELIG: He has permitted the steroids use in Major League Baseball to go on unpunished, he allowed the Angels Name Change, he allowed the Strike to go on despite the fact that players were being paid far more then anyone is worth, and he still refuses to enforce salary caps. The reason is: more cash flow. Some of this may be more because of cowardice than greed, but since he is in a position to provide solutions to Greed in Major League Baseball, and he chooses to do just the opposite, he is a major part of the problem. Meanwhile, it is the fans who end up paying the price as ticket prices continue to soar.
2) ARTE MORENO & ANGELS FRONT OFFICE: Moreno and the Angels Front Office ultimately defied the fans in Anaheim and Orange County, plus the Fans of Los Angeles, California. They are only interested in capitalizing on the City of L.A’s name.  They also defied tradition., which is something that most franchises and their fans take a great deal of pride in. All this was for what? All this was for “The Almighty Dollar.” Billionaires  quite often are not only among the richest men in the world, but often among the most discontent people in the world. Fan Friendliness and Greed cannot co-exist together.
The worse thing is that The Amgeels Front Office has sought to turn the small market Angels into a big market team at The L.A. Dodger’s expense, which is the one thing you can’t do as an Anaheim Team.
3) GEORGE STEINBRENNER AND SON: The Yankees have the best history and tradition in the History of Major League Baseball, not to mention a good percentage of the World Series Rings. That in itself is worth a king’s ransom for those who own this franchise. But for these two, it is never enough. The Steinbrenner’s spending of buku bucks for players has triggered inflation in Major League Baseball which has become more and more costly for the fans of all the MLB Teams.

4) SCOTT BORAS: He manages to represent all the super stars which fans would like to see get signed on by their favorite teams. The more the fans want to see players represented by Scott Boras signed by their teams, the more Boras drives up the price and tries to stuff his own pockets. In short, If the fans want to see these players (like Manny Ramirez) signed by their favorite team, it will cost THEM more and more at the ticket window. So much for “The customer (fan) comes first” or “The customer is always right.”
    I’m not trying to judge these people. That’s something I have no desire to do.  What I want to make clear is that all the franchise owners, agents, and players are NOT the backbone of Major League Baseball. In any business, the customer is the backbone of its success, and in Major League Baseball, the customer is “The Fan.” The fans come first, and I believe it is high time that MLB Fans unite and take back America’s Greatest Past Time which is being distorted more and more by greed. Major League Baseball  is about The Fans above everything else. The Fans must always come first. Greed takes way from this, and then the main focus is always shifted away from the fans and the love of the game.  
     A lot of times, when the customer in any business ceases to “Be first” or ceases to be “Always right,” all the customers boycott. That is what needs to happen here. I have been boycotting Major League Sports, especially The Angels. I have decided to keep my Major League Fan Websites ( [1] True Blue Los Angeles Baseball, [2] Showers of Sparks-Chargers Site, and [3] Pecos Bill’s Quack Attack-Ducks Site) up and running, but on my memoir pages I will only be recording team victories. I won’t be attending any more Major League Sports for some time, and starting now, I will not be buying anymore memorabilia for The Dodgers, Chargers, or Ducks for quite awhile. I have become a fan and season ticket holder for two Minor League Franchises the last few years, and I have no regrets. In Minor League Sports, The Fans and the Love of the Game still comes first, and that makes a great deal of difference when one is enjoying passive recreation and spectator sports. The teams I support now for the most part are the Long Beach Armada in the Golden Baseball League, and the Anaheim Arsenal in the NBA-Development League..
  Watch the games at home, stay away from the ball parks and arenas. If you believe that America’s Greatest Past Times belong to the fans, please pass this on to your friends and loved ones and let the boycott begin. 


  1. juliasrants

    Great blog – but I think there are plenty of players & teams out there that try to put the fans first. Some of the players who blog on this site seem like very nice guys who love to interact with the fans. My Red Sox have been burned one to many times by Boras and some of the players he represents (read Jason Vartek) are taking notice. It’s not perfect, but professional sports will never be. There are plenty of owners who listen – we just need to speak louder to some of them.


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